Ticket reference: https://support.flacs.com/a/tickets/2073 

Dear Yoshiko Liang,

I advise that you consider trying these steps:1. Install (if not already done) updated version of remote desktop software, which supports updated (recent) OpenGL version. Note that 'To use 3D plot or view types in CASD or Flowvis, a graphics card/driver that supports OpenGL version 3.3 or higher is required.', confer 'Technical Requirements' found at 'https://www.gexcon.com/article/Technical-Requirements/35/en'. 2. Start Flowvis (or CASD) with the 3D plot on the remote machine, before connecting with remote desktop (in practice this is expected to be quite tedious, hopefully point 1 can solve the problem).

One or more of my colleagues in GexCon might want to give additional advice. My colleague Tommy Lea (and my other colleagues in GexCon): If (one or more of) you want to give some additional advice here, please do so.

Does my advice help you?

I hope this helps. Whenever you enquire further advice, please contact GexCon (flacs@gexcon.com).

Best regards,

Hans-Christen Salvesen, Dr. Scient.

Senior support engineer