In general a client computer (intended to run FLACS) will automatically detect a network license server (computer having license key), when both the client computer and the license server are part of the same local network. If this (for some reason) does not happen (or the license server and the client computer are not included in the same local network), the user can try to follow these steps:

1. Login on client computer and go to page 'http://localhost:1947/_int_/config_to.html'. Tick off for 'Allow Access to Remote Licenses', 'Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses', 'Aggressive Search for Remote Licenses'. For 'Remote License Search Parameters' specify one or more IP addresses, including the IP address for the network license server that you want the client computer to connect to when running FLACS. In the example below, two IP addresses ( and are entered as search parameters for remote license server(s).

2. Login at the network license server (server with IP address being specified in the configuration for the client computer as shown in point 1 above)  and go to the page for 'Access from Remote Clients' (a remote client could be the client computer that has been configured according to point 1 above). In the example below (license server '' employed by Gexcon), access from remote client computers to the network license server, is configured by going to page ''.