FLACS-Cloud is a service that allows you to run FLACS simulations on the high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure of Gexcon’s partner Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC), right from the FLACS graphical user interfaces that you are used to!

By using the EPCC resources, you can run a large number of simulations quickly, without having to invest in in-house calculation facilities: FLACS-Cloud gives you access to scalable computing power – when you need it. Pre- and postprocessing happen locally exactly as in your normal workflow, while the computing-intensive simulations are carried out on the HPC system. The scenario files are automatically uploaded and result files can be downloaded to your local system. Data transfers are through secure network connections.

Key benefits of the FLACS-Cloud service:

  • Highly scalable computational capacity.
  • High level of security.
  • No investment in in-house computing equipment required.
  • Reduced lead time on projects.
  • Easy to use with existing workflows.
  • Attractive CPU-hour price.


To gain access to the FLACS-Cloud service get in touch with FLACS support at flacs@gexcon.com.