The FLACS simulator (Flacs) can be started from the command line or from the RunManager.

How to run simulations from the command line

To start the FLACS Simulator (Flacs) from the command line, type:
On Windows: runflacs 010101
On Linux: run flacs 010101

The command runflacs accepts the option to set the variant. You can choose between the following variants (some of the Flacs variants require a special license to be able to use them).

flacs2.5.2 (standard Flacs)
flacs2.5.2pool (Pool spread version)
flacs2.5.2exhaust (Exhaust gas dispersion version)
flacs2.5.2desc (DESC dust explosion simulator)
flacs2.5.2inert (inert gas version)
flacs2.5.2explo (blast simulator)

To run the inert variant on Windows, type:
runflacs version 2.5.2inert 010101

How to run simulations from the RunManager

The FLACS RunManager is designed as a simple tool to start and monitor a limited number of Flacs simulations on a single computer. Running simulations from the FLACS RunManager is very efficient and provides you with the possibility to run a single simulation, or a batch of simulations, either single- or multi-threaded. In the FLACS RunManager you also have a nice overview of the simulation status of your jobs.

Add simulations to the RunManager

To add a simulation file to the RunManager, click on the Add Directory button on the right-side bar and browse to the relevant folder. You can add multiple directories to the FLACS RunManager window, but only one directory at a time.

Add simulation job files in the RunManager

You can always remove the jobs, or rescan the directory to show newly added jobs, by right-clicking on the directory and choosing the relevant function from the list.

Right-click on a job and choose between Remove Jobs and Rescan Directory

Run a single simulation

To run a single simulation in the RunManager, click on the simulation to highlight it and then click on the Simulate button on the right-side bar.

Run one single job in the RunManager

Run multiple simulations

Tick off in the box to the left of the job number of the simulations you want to run. Then click on Batch run to start the simulations.

Tick off several job numbers to run multiple simulations

In the Run FLACS jobs in batch window that opens, you can choose the number of jobs you would like to run simultaneously. The number simultaneous simulations normally depends on the number of available processors you have. In the example below, the RunManager will run two simulations upon clicking on the Simulate button, and the other two will be in the queue. When one simulation is finished, one thread will be available and the first simulation in queue will automatically be launched. You can also choose to move the jobs up and down in order to prioritize the start of the simulations (mark the job you want to move, and click on Move up or Move Down).

Edit the number of simultaneous jobs to simulate

After you click on Simulate, you can close the Run FLACS jobs in batch window and monitor the simulations from the main window as described in the section below.

Monitor the simulations

In the main window of RunManager, you have a nice overview of the simulation status. The simulations which are setup and READY to run will be highlighted in BLUE. The FINISHED simulations are highlighted in GREEN and those currently RUNNING are highlighted in YELLOW. If you choose to ABORT a simulation, it will be highlighted in RED in the main window.

To monitor a simulation, click on the job and the log file and plot of parameters of interest are in the window below. When you click on a job, you can monitor the log file and a plot of the parameters of interest in the window below (choose the Log file tab or the Plot tab).

Monitor the log file and a plot of parameters of interest during the simulation

The Fuel [kg] plotted in the RunManager includes only gaseous fuel, not liquid fuel (e.g. in a liquid fuel pool).