FLACS is a commercial software and protected against misuse in several ways. To legally use FLACS, you have to obtain a license. This article provides general information on how to set up and manage your FLACS license.
For details on how to install the FLACS software package, please read the article on How to install FLACS.

What kind of license manager does FLACS use?

The FLACS v10 license management system employs technology from Gemalto SafeNet, Inc., including Sentinel HASP/LDK Run-time software.
The license manager programs running on the computer are called aksusbd and hasplmd on Linux, and hasplms.exe on Windows. You will find more detailed information in the section License Manager Runtime Software in the FLACS User’s manual.

Which computer can be used as FLACS v10 license server?

In general, any computer (Linux or Windows) that complies with the Technical Requirements can be used as a FLACS v10 license server. A FLACS v10 license server is the computer that holds the hardware license key.

How to set up the license?

To run FLACS you need to set up the license software and have a valid license. FLACS v10 uses hardware license keys which may be either for a single user, or a network key for multiple users. The license manager software is automatically installed when you install FLACS as root or administrator, and must be installed on each machine that will run FLACS.

Single user

To install FLACS for a single user, you can install the software in your home directory. To use FLACS as a single user, connect the hardware license key to the USB slot on the computer you will use.

Network license

To use FLACS on several computers simultaneously (within a network), connect the network dongle (the hardware license key with a FLACS network license installed) to the USB slot on the license server. Install the complete, updated FLACS program package on the license server and on each computer (client computers) intended to run FLACS. Each client computer is configured to detect the license and connect to the FLACS license server for permission to start CASD, Flowvis, the simulator Flacs, etc.

Further information

You can find detailed descriptions of how to install the license in the relevant section in the FLACS User's Manual.

Will simulations crash if the license dongle is removed?

The Flacs simulator checks periodically for a valid license. If it fails to find a valid licence, the simulations will be set on hold, they will not abort or crash, and the simulator will continue to check again if a valid licence has become available. Once it finds a valid licence, the simulations will continue.