The setup file is an optional file that can be used to access certain advanced settings that govern, for example, the choice of specific models and Flacs solver variants. A setup file can be created in a text editor, from the RunManager or in CASD. The Flacs simulator detects and reads the setup file automatically at simulation start if the file exist in the same directory as the regular job files and the file name follows the naming pattern, e.g. cs000000.SETUP.
In this article you will learn what you can use the setup file for, and how to create it.


The setup file may contain the following so-called namelists: JOBSPEC, SETUP, PARAMETERS. The namelists may be entered in any order or may alternatively be left out entirely.
A full description and list of the available values for the three namelists are found in the Setup File section in the FLACS User’s Manual.

Create a setup file with the runmananger

Highlight the job for which you would like to create a setup file by clicking on it. Click on Parameters in the menu on the right. A window will open, tick off for setup file, click on the Edit setup file button and start typing in the window that opens.

How to create a setup file from RunManager

Click on Save.

Adding commands to a setup file from the RunManager. Remember to save.

Create a setup file in CASD

Open the job in CASD. If the Setup section is not visible in the CASD scenario menu on the right, right click in the menu and tick off for Setup. Click on the Setup section to expand the menu, double-click on Jobspec, Setup and/ or Parameters to add/edit.

The setup settings list in the CASD scenario menu.
The namelists and the variables for each list in the CASD scenarion menu.

Create a setup file with a text editor

Open a text editor, for example Notepad++, type in the commands, and save as cs.SETUP file (e.g. cs000000.SETUP) in the same directory as the other job files.