The cc-file or runtime simulation control file is an optional file that can be used to give instructions to the Flacs simulator during a simulation. It can be created in a text editor, generated from the RunManager or in CASD. The cc-file can be edited in the course of a Flacs simulation, and you can use it to define more advanced output, generate or load dump files and/or terminate the simulation.
In this article you will learn how to stop a simulation “gracefully”, that is without killing the simulator process.


The Flacs simulator will read the keywords and values in the cc-file during each time step. Each line in the cc-file shall contain a keyword followed by a comma (,) or a space ( ) and a value.

NLOAD Set load identification and load data at simulation start
NDUMP Set dump identification
TDUMP Dump data at given time
IDUMP Dump data at given iteration number
FDUMP Dump data at given fuel level
TOUTF Write results at given time
IOUTF Write results at given iteration number
FOUTF Write results at given fuel level
TSTOP Stop simulation at given time
ISTOP Stop simulation at given iteration number
FSTOP Stop simulation at given fuel level

To stop a running simulation without killing the process, you can check the current time in the simulation log file and set TSTOP to a value just beyond that time. The different ways to create a cc-file are explained below.

Create a cc-file from RunManager

Click on the desired job for the cc-file (the job shall be highlighted), click on Parameters in the menu to the right. A window will open, tick off for cc-file, click on the Edit cc-file button and start typing in the window that opens.

How to create a cc-file from RunManager

Add the cc-file commands in the window that opens and save the file before closing the window.

Click on Save.

Create a cc-file in CASD

Open the job in CASD, make sure that the Dump/load settings section in the CASD scenario menu is visible. If it is not visible, right click in the CASD scenario menu and tick off for Dump/load settings. Click on the Dump/load settings section to expand the menu, double-click on the command and choose from the list of commands. Finally, set the value.

Dump/load settings scenario in the CASD scenario menu

How to edit commands for the cc-file in CASD

Create a cc-file with a text editor

Open a text editor, for example Notepad++, type in the commands, and save as a cc-file (e.g. cc000000.dat3) in the same directory as the regular job files.