Materials in CASD are used to differentiate objects according to their type or their discipline. The different materials will have different colours which can be defined by the user.
For a general description of the geometry database and how to work with it, please refer to the articles What is a geometry database? and Working with a geometry database, respectively.

Define a new material

When you open the Materials tab in the Geometry database window, you will initially only see the default material defined. The colour (Material Hue) of the default material is red (Hue = 0).

Defining colours in the Geometry Database window.

You can create new materials by clicking on the New Material button. You can also click on the material to select it and then click on Rename, Change Hue or Delete the material.

Change the material of an Object

To change the material associated with an Object, either assign it in the object window or in the objects tab in the geometry database window (see Working with a geometry database).