The starting point to conducting CFD simulations is to have a representative geometric model of the installation to be considered. Whether you import the geometry from files previously generated in CAD software or build the geometry in CASD, it will be stored in a geometry database for FLACS. A geometry database is an organised collection of all information about the considered geometry that makes it easy for the involved programs to access and extract relevant information.

You can easily access the geometry database by clicking on the geometry database icon in the toolbar of CASD. Alternatively, you can access the database from the Geometry menu.

Different ways to access the geometry database dialogue: in the toolbar (left) or in the Geometry menu (right).

When you open the database for the first time it will be completely empty so you either need to Connect to an existing database or to Create a new database:

You will normally connect to a geometry database previously created in CASD or imported from a different CAD software. The import procedure is explained in the article How to import a geometry. The other option is to create a new database and build the geometric model manually, as discussed in Working with a geometry database.