An area leak is a release extending over multiple grid cells and where the leak area is normally greater than the area of a single control volume face.

Whenever you specify two positive values for the leak box size, the leak is defined as an area leak.

You still need to specify all the other parameters, as for any type of leak; these parameters are

  • the position of the leak,
  • open sides (specifying the direction of the release),
  • the start time, and
  • the duration.

In addition, the outlet parameters such as the

  • leak area,
  • mass flow rate,
  • velocity,
  • relative turbulence intensity,
  • turbulence length scale,
  • temperature, and
  • direction cosines

have to be given. If both the mass flow rate and the velocity parameters are specified then the mass flow rate will take precedence, since only one of the two can be specified independently.

For an area release, unlike for a point leak, you can specify only a single direction for the release.

The section What are leaks has general information about leaks.