The quickest and easiest way to generate a grid in CASD is to use the Quick Grid dialogue. With this tool, you can generate a grid with a constant grid size core domain around the area of interest, and stretch the grid towards the boundaries.
The Quick Grid dialogue and the resulting grid in the CASD main window.

Launching the Quick Grid tool

The Quick Grid tool can be accessed from the Grid menu or by using the shortcut CTRL+G.

Quick grid settings

The Quick Grid dialogue is divided in four sections described below.

Core domain size and location

In the first section, you enter the coordinates of the core domain by typing the minimum and maximum limits in each direction.

Core domain cell size

In the second section, you define the cell size for the core domain, or the number of cells per coordinate direction. When you select one of these two options, the other one is automatically calculated by CASD. When Uniform grid is enabled, then the grid cells will have the same size in all directions and you need to enter the cell size or number of cells only for the X direction. If you uncheck Uniform grid, then you must define the cell size or the number of cells in each direction.

Stretched domain size

In the third section, the Stretch domain option is selected by default. You can enter the boundaries of the stretched domain by typing the minimum and maximum limits in each direction. These will be the boundaries of your entire simulation domain. Next, you can enter the Max factor which is the factor that limits the increase in cell size after stretching is applied. The last option in this section is the Max cell size which you have to select if you want to limit the stretched cell size to a defined maximum. If you uncheck the Stretch domain option, the core domain will be the total simulation domain.

Grid information

The fourth section contains information on the resulting grid, such as an indication of the memory consumption of the Flacs simulator, the aspect ratio in the core domain, the number of cells in each coordinate direction, and their size characteristics.

The changes you make to Quick Grid settings are applied and visualized instantly in the geometry window and the information section. When you are satisfied with the resulting grid click on OK to include the grid in the current scenario; Cancel will discard all settings and close the Quick Grid window.