In this article you will learn how to install FLACS.
A valid license is necessary for running FLACS. For details regarding the license management, please see the article How to set up the FLACS License.


Simple method: installation wizard

  1. Double-click on the installation package (with filename extension .exe) to start the installation wizard.
  2. Follow the instructions given. It is recommended to keep the default parameters.

Advanced method: unattended installation

The Windows installer supports unattended installation. To do a silent install, you can run the installer executable from the command line with the switch /S. This will not show any GUI or other messages. You can use the /D switch to set the installation path:

flacs-v10.8r2-windows-64bit-installer.exe /S /D=C:\FLACS\v10.8\

This will silently install FLACS to the directory C:\FLACS\v10.8\


FLACS can be installed either for a single user or for all users on a Linux machine.

Installing for a single user

  1. Save the installation package to a convenient location. FLACS will by default try to install itself in /home/my_user/GexCon).
  2. Make sure the file is executable; type
    > chmod u+x /home/my_user/flacs-v10.8r2-linux-64bit-installer.bin
  3. Run the installation program; type
    > /home/my_user/flacs-v10.8r2-64bit-linux-installer.bin

Installing for all users

To install FLACS system-wide you need to have root (“super user”) access to the system. The FLACS installation package should be in the directory /path/to/installation.

  1. Change user to super user; type
    > su
    and provide the root password as required.
  2. Make sure the file is executable; type
    > chmod u+x /path/to/installation/flacs-v10.8r2-linux-64bit-installer.bin
  3. Run the installation program:
    > /path/to/installation/flacs-v10.8r2-linux-64bit-installer.bin

Unattended installation

The Linux installer does not directly support unattended installation, but there are workarounds. The simplest solution is to install as described above on one machine, and then create an archive of the installation directory, which can be extracted on any other machine where the software should be installed.

Another option is to use the unzip command to extract the installer.bin file. The data directory of the extracted files will contain a zip file with the FLACS installation, which can be extracted to the directory where FLACS should be installed. It is also possible to install FLACS on a network filesystem, which will allow the software to be used from any computer having access to the filesystem. Note that the license runtime must be installed on each machine that will run FLACS, see How to set up the FLACS license.


The directory and file names inside the installation directory GexCon and the subdirectory structure must not be changed as this will prohibit FLACS from working as intended.